Eastern Mysticism

Or "Dang, He's CRAZY!"

Yes, Kids...That is a REAL Bed of Nails I'm laying on there...
Ted Annis was kind enough to inform me of my disgusting misuse of the word 'lay'. I quote, "Daryl, You were not laying on the bed of nails. That would be a bit of a porn show, likely frowned upon by the school system. You were lying upon the bed of nails. Ted " Sigh... Just can't please some pholks...
Keep in mind - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I am a semi-trained semi-professional!

As an introduction to Forces, after runing through most of the 1st Law Quickies, I lie on a Bed-O-Nails, have a couple kids stand on my chest, and have an assistant, usually a colleague or parent, smash a cinder block on my chest with a sledge hammer. (My new Principal, Steve Stumpo, just LOVES to smash that cinder block on me. He gets this maniacal look just as he swings that sledge backwards - He's starting to scare me...) Now, I am not subscribing to the belief that ALL teachers do this. You certainly CAN. However, take it from me, the older you get, the less tough you are. Those nails are starting to hurt!

If you are in the need, I can furnish you with a copy VHS of me doing my little schpiel. Just get a blank tape to me, and it's yours. To back up the Bed-O-Nails "trick", other mini-demos are done: See Newton's Laws Quickies

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