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»»Metamorphic Rock Demo using candy! Great Demo for showing the Process! And WHO can turn down a Snickers bar?
»»Phases of the Moon! 1st Demo I ever saw where the kids actually understood it!
»»Mining Food! Mining and Exploration with Blueberry or ChocChip muffins!
»»Core Sampling! Mining & Exploration with Muffins - MAKES A MESS!
»»Cloud Energy Energy associated with clouds and temperature
»»Whipped Cream Ozone! Examination of the Ozone Layer using harmless whipped cream
»»Demonstrate El Nino in your class! Examination of the El Nino and its effects on weather.
»»Introduce Earthquakes in your Classroom! Examination of the Earthquakes
»» Earthquake Wave Primer Info on Earthquake Waves
»»Earthquake Mapping Map Quakes for relationships with Tectonics!
»»Earthquake "Proof" Buildings Build your own Earthquake "Proof" building...!
»»Extracting Copper from Ore Requires use of Sulfuric Acid! Not for the Newbie!
»»Making a Cloud in a Jar! Very COOL!
»»Cloud LAB! Kids make a cloud in a soda bottle!!
»»Build your own Watershed! Kids make an island complete with watersheds!!
»»NASA's GLAST Mission Activities FABULOUS 3-step activity to answer "How Big" & "How Far"!
»»Bodies telling Time? Internal Clocking
»» Do we really KNOW what we KNOW? Examples of student Misconceptions - FUNNY STUFF even for the "seasoned" teacher.
»» Eastern Mysticism Bed of Nails survival guide...
»» How does a bike stay up and/or turn? Newton, Center of Mass & Rotation!

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  1. Persistence of vision - or Humming at your monitor.
  2. Do we really KNOW what we KNOW? [Examples of student Misconceptions - FUNNY STUFF]
  3. Why do Bar Napkins stick to the bottom of your glass?[Molecular Cohesion]
  4. How does a Clock tell time?[Clocks. . . Duh?]
  5. Are rock climbers NUTS?[Investigation and sport]

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