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»»Use copier paper as a base/acid indicator! Acid/Base stuff & REALLY COOL Halloween Demos!
»»Rip a soda can in half right in front of that problem class! Common Reaction Dramatically Demonstrated...
»»What kind of "iron" is in your cereal? Simple Iron Extraction from breakfast cereal, Physical Chemistry
»»Use Cyalume sticks to demo effects of catalysts on reactions. Catalysts in reactions
»» How does Ethanol Make a Car Run? Chemistry in Nature
»»How does Novocain Help? Chemistry in Pain!
»»Clean your fine silver WITHOUT removing the silver atoms! Chemical Reactions for home use
»»Extracting Copper from Ore Requires use of Sulfuric Acid! Not for the Newbie!
»» Freezing a beer! PIVNERT
»» Why do Bar Napkins stick to the bottom of your glass? Molecular Cohesion & Dipoles
»» Do we really KNOW what we KNOW? Examples of student Misconceptions - FUNNY STUFF even for the "seasoned" teacher.
»» Eastern Mysticism Bed of Nails survival guide...
»» How does a bike stay up and/or turn? Newton, Center of Mass & Rotation!

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