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»»Demo the adaptation with opposable thumbs Adaptation/Evolution
»»Demo the adaptation of Darwin's Finch Beaks Adaptation/Evolution
»»Take the MOO out of Milk! Lactose Intolerance Demo.
»»Demo the DNA Double HELIX with a Christmas Ornament! DNA
»»Bringing a fly BACK FROM THE DEAD! Chemistry in Nature
»»Semi-FREE Terrarium! Student built terraria.
»»Crisp or Limp Salad? Osmosis trick
»»Exploding Blood Cells!!! DRAMATIC osmosis demo!
»» FREE X-Ray Projector A REAL look into a human's Body!
»»Science of the "Rap" Use "rap" music to teach science...
»»How does Penecillin work, anyway? Cell Wall structure and Penecillin
»»A Bill Nye Quickie! Cell permeability - osmosis
»»Is Sammy Alive? Student Investigation into definition of Life
»»How does AIDS transmit, anyway? Card game simulation
»»What goes on in YOUR woods? Habitat Investigation
»»Bodies telling Time? Internal Clocking
»»What is Body Fat, anyway? Body Fat Composition and origins
»»Bone Marrow? Marrow Investigation
»»Bone Breaks? How & Why do Bones Break?
»»JAVA! How do Coffee beans get turned into such an elixer of life?
»»What is DNA Fingerprinting? Use common items to simulate this complex topic.
»»Can Loud Noises Harm my Hearing?! Hearing properties.
»»Demonstrate the production of proteins in the cell - STUDENT PARTICIPATION. Cellular Protein Synthesis
»»What is meant by "animal communication" anyway? Animal Behavior
»» Why do Bar Napkins stick to the bottom of your glass? Molecular Cohesion & Dipoles
»» Do we really KNOW what we KNOW? Examples of student Misconceptions - FUNNY STUFF even for the "seasoned" teacher.
»» Eastern Mysticism Bed of Nails survival guide...
»» How does a bike stay up and/or turn? Newton, Center of Mass & Rotation!

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    1. Persistence of vision - or Humming at your monitor.
    2. Do we really KNOW what we KNOW? [Examples of student Misconceptions - FUNNY STUFF]
    3. Why do Bar Napkins stick to the bottom of your glass?[Molecular Cohesion]
    4. How does a Clock tell time?[Clocks. . . Duh?]
    5. Are rock climbers NUTS?[Investigation and sport]

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