Daryl's Awards

Nobel Prize in Math - 1951. Turned down award 'cause a new Howdy Doody was on the tube...
MeHowdy Doody
6th Grade Smile Contest! Shining moment in my life...
Burlington County Coach of the Year - 1979, 1980, 1981.
NJ Track & Field Coach of the Year - 1980.
Most Masculine Teacher - Delran 1983. (Lena Gelati got Most Feminine Award)
NJ State Finalist Presidential Award - 1995
Staples Teacher of the Year - 1996
Staples Plak
Presidential Awardee - 1996
Gloucester County Technology Educator of Year - 2002
GC Award
Recipient of NJBISEC Grant - 1987
Spent summer "working" at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab feeling dumber than dumb...
PPPL Tokamack
Crab of the Year - 1978
Ate the most steamed MD crabs at the Annapolis Crab Festival in 1 hr - 49! Yumm....
Internet Educator of the Year 2003
Sponsored by Classroom Connect - $5000, a new Laptop, lots-o-goodies!
Classroom ConnectIEOTY-2003